On the rare occasion any article published by Political Provcateur is deemed wrong or misleading, we would look to correct straightforward errors as soon as we possibly can. This will usually be within 24 hours of receiving a notification. We will state the error, how and when it was corrected and appear at the bottom of the relevant article. Significant corrections are pinned for 24 hours to the top of our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
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Political Provocateur are the real deal people's political website. We are a not for profit org' with absolutely no revenue collected on our behalf whatsoever. We are not crowdfunded or take any financial remuneration at all, either by donation or revenue accumulating advertising. We will not ask for donations of any kind, or accept any, not from any person or organisation whatsoever. Everyone involved with Political Provocateur give their time freely and at no time are paid for any written works submitted. We are not affiliated to any organisation or political party. 

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Political Provocateur is interested in publishing tightly reasoned, factually based articles. Please keep submissions to no more than 1500 words  and send them to the editor of Political Provocateur Max Webster - MaxWebster1968@mail.com.  pasted in the body of an email.

Please avoid bad grammar, spell proper names correctly and give complete titles on first reference. Political Provocateur follows the Associated Press Stylebook. Please do not submit articles formatted as an open letter. As a rule, we only publish articles that are offered to us exclusively.

Be prepared to provide credible and complete documentation of the factual or logical basis of every statement contained in a submission.

If any third party is paying the author conditional on the piece getting published, that relationship must be disclosed.

Bear in mind while writing that attacks on individuals' character, ethnicity, birthplace, parentage, sexual orientation or personality are no substitute for logical argumentation, careful presentation of fact and intellectual civility. All articles published by Political Provocateur are the expressed opinion of the writer.

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