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December 9, 2018

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We All Prosper Under A Government For The People.

June 4, 2017

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A Good Education Is A Right, Not A Commodity

June 1, 2017

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A Manifesto For The Few, Not For The Many

May 18, 2017




The Tory manifesto has finally crawled out of its coffin, spluttering and zombie-like, and already the concept known as Mayism can be defined by its contents. But what does the manifesto have to say? What is Mayism? Below is a bit of a delve into how the dark recesses of the Mayite mind and what it wants to do to take the country forward – or as it's otherwise known - backwards.


The Conservative manifesto is the contents of Theresa May's head writ large, a cornucopia of hypocrisy and mean-spiritedness that offers such delights as protection from the cost of social care for people with assets of £100,000 or less, a significant increase to the £23,250 level we currently have. In order to make the system sustainable, the value of someone’s property will now be included in the means test for care in their own home, meaning more people will be liable to contribute to the cost of their care, however, the prime minister has come under fire over plans to force elderly people to pay to be looked after in their retirement. 


Why hit  pensioners?  They've worked hard all their lives, paid taxes and saved for a reasonable retirement.  The winter fuel payment is being withdrawn and it's a knife in the back for those who gave everything for their country. May could help older generations regarding the cost of funeral care and justly regulate the ripping off process many aged people face, but she won't, so she's now turning her back on the people who trusted her and her party. Here is the first casualty of Mayism. And people are now using capital from the asset tied up in their homes to pay everything from funeral care to health costs and it's not good enough. Some aren't fortunate to own their own homes and presently live in a neoliberal nightmare. The point is, it doesn't have to be this way. Pensioners can just as easily stop voting Conservative and place their 'X' in the box for a government who actually cares about people. Only the Labour party can achieve this. A vote for Corbyn is a nail in the coffin for the Conservative party who only look after their own. Pensioners are now seeing this to its fullest extent. 





Perhaps if she guaranteed the Pension triple lock her party's fortunes would rise. Labour are guaranteeing the triple lock and so far seem to be the only political party that actually care. The only party who are for the many and not the few. Jeremy Corbyn could never sanction a manifesto that sways heavily toward the rich. For the Mayites it's the usual right-wing ideology all the way down.


A vote for Labour at this most crucial time in our lives is not just the right thing to do, but the only sensible option for all. You can forget about Corbyn having three eyes and a pink beard, bow-legged, or the fact he might buy his suits from OXFAM. The MSM will offer no respite against the attacks in the hope people stay focused toward the Tories. It's almost criminal to see it all unfold before our very eyes. Face Jeremy Corbyn in a debate on television and show what a fine prime minister you are. Actually, forget it, if it's not rehearsed it's not Theresa. She only does think tanks and spin. It's a corporate PM we have in Britain, not a PM for all, and certainly not a PM who cares for the people. If she did care, she'd at least debate with Jeremy Corbyn and show us the 'strong and stable'!


The Mayites will also ditch the 'tax lock' introduced by David Cameron, which forbids the Tories from raising income tax, VAT or national insurance contributions, which some will consider as a bonus, whilst others see it as not such a big deal at all. The rest of the country should be up in arms. Can we really afford to pay higher taxes?  Should we accept a higher rate of VAT?  Why, for heaven's sakes, should we? Is it because the high street is seeing a downturn on profit?  If indeed this is the reason, it will finally kill off the high street for good. Should our NI contributions rise, we should expect a lot more because of it. The Mayites have done nothing to dissuade of the notion that all our assets have been taken from us and placed into the hands of the wealthy, but it's never enough for them, is it? Now they want our NI contributions.


As well as the previously announced cap on energy prices (take a bow, Ed Miliband), the Mayite manifesto will also pledge to force mobile phone firms to make billing fairer, tackle rogue landlords, and cut the cost of buying a home by cracking down on rip-off conveyancing and legal fees. This, you might think is rather good and fetching, but what about the extremely high cost of energy that means we face the choice of 'heat or eat'? Are we all earning £100,000 pa and therefore don't face this stark reality? How many Conservative voters in Britain currently face the biggest issues of their lives when the winter sets in? Do they feed and clothe their families or do they clothe their children and put the heating on? It's a good thing we now have food banks; at least it's making the choice easier for Mayite voters! The party that shunned 'I Daniel Blake' are the party 'of' the Daniel Blakes; how does irony sit for those even considering voting for the Conservatives and their Mayite lies? And as you know, the Tories hardly have a great record when it comes to implementing manifesto policies, so even if you see something that catches your eye, you can bet it's there purely as window dressing.





We see almost on a daily basis the ex-Labour voter telling us they want to vote for Mayism. If those broadcasts had honest subtitles, they'd read, ''I'm voting for more foodbank's because I really enjoy queuing for tinned goods and processed foods for my family. I want nothing to change and I like my low wage because of the flexibility a zero-hour contract gives me. I don't care about the future, as I'm only 50 years old. I'd rather the strong and stable prime minister gave our money to the rich, as they deserve it, they've worked hard for it.''


Theresa May said, ''Brexit will define us; our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity. Now more than ever, Britain needs a strong and stable government to get the best deal for our country.” Of course, May said it, but you can bet that Lynton Crosby wrote it. Probably on the back of a fag packet. This might be Crosbyism, but it's also Mayism writ large. Labour’s campaign chief Andrew Gwynne said: “Theresa May pretends otherwise, but she is a politician with a track record of failure and broken promises. From the economy to the NHS, and policing to schools, Theresa May’s Tories have failed again and again to deliver on the pledges they made.’’


Has she forgotten how her government have waged war on the poor, sick and infirm? Has she also forgotten the United Nations report into unfair treatment toward disabled people? If Theresa May is to have any credibility whatsoever, she should apologise to the families of those who committed suicide after suffering the most terrible and irresponsible behaviour by agencies we know as ATOS, Maximus and Capita working on behalf of the DWP. The Department of Work and Pensions should be ashamed of themselves for the way they have gone about their business, and still it's not over. Genuinely disabled people are victims of a very cruel and authoritarian regime. The suicides will continue, as will the victimisation under a Conservative government. That much is clear.


The have-nots in Britain are now merely a bad year away from homelessness and destitution.  Of course it won't happen to you, it never does. It always happens to other people. But you'll soon find financial help and assistance vanishes when you have nothing to offer. This Tory dog-eat-dog world is as disgusting as it is disgraceful.  The Mayites can spend as much time talking about Brexit as they want, but the fact is that ship sailed a long time ago. And if this manifesto is the very definition of Mayism, then I think we should all be worried for the future of the country. Especially when fracking will be given a free hand. No more awkward planning applications for those companies. Forget localism. It's frack frack frack, baby, and watch the faces of the Mayites as corners are cut and accountability is done away with. After all, it's what they've always wanted.





We now face important issues and must deal with those issues head on. I'll be voting Labour in this election, but more so I'll be voting for Jeremy Corbyn, a decent, honest politician. I'll be voting for change, but most importantly, I'll be voting to rid Britain of the scourge that is the Conservative party, because it would seem that Mayism, like Thatcherism and Cameronism, is going to end in miserable failure. Theresa herself can deny the existence of Mayism all she likes, as she gets aroused at the thought of foxes being ripped to shreds by the hounds of the gentry. But we have seen what Mayism means. And the result is a total disaster.






Kenneth Walker for Political Provocateur







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