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December 9, 2018

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We All Prosper Under A Government For The People.

June 4, 2017

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A Good Education Is A Right, Not A Commodity

June 1, 2017

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Winter Fuel Chaos

May 20, 2017


John McDonnell the Shadow Chancellor probably went in to a nice quiet room by himself to read the Conservative manifesto, and came out an hour later feeling like he needed a good shower, or to be disinfected. After all, given what's in those 83 pages of ideological despair, wouldn't you?


McDonnell was particularly scathing about the attack on pensioners and poorer households, saying that it comes at a time when living standards are already being squeezed. He went on to say: the average household is paying nearly £2,000 more in direct and indirect taxation than they were in 2010 when the Conservatives came to power, adding that there were net tax rises of £14.4 billion, the equivalent of £760 per family. That under the Tories, the "UK has experienced the worst decade in real household disposable income since 1949. This has a material impact on household finances...the average household is £1,000 worse off this year alone as a result of the Tories' abysmal record on living standards relative to what households could have expected under Labour."

   The shadow chancellor laid down a challenge to the Conservative's, saying: "This is a savage attack on vulnerable pensioners, particularly those who are just about managing.


"It is disgraceful and we are calling on the Conservative Party to withdraw it today."


Many pensioners who've voted Tory all their lives could now turn their backs on Theresa May and her preposterous manifesto policies. They've worked and paid dues for over fifty years and will not risk all that hard work being taken away from them. We could very well have a sea of elderly blue turning red at the general election on June 8th. 


Are we really seeing the death of the Conservative party unfold before our very eyes? After all, their manifesto is not such much a suicide note, but more of a kill list. You'd be forgiven if you'd taken a sharp intake of breath after discovering the Tories want to end the winter fuel payments. Those payments are there for everyone who needs them. It shouldn't matter if you're middle class, working class, or just a class act doing the best you can in a society that doesn't seem to care, but the winter fuel allowance is a lifeline to most and many people depend on it. If you means test it, some people will lose out, and it won't just be only those earning over 100k per year! I'm afraid the government's record on means testing so far is ridiculous. We must understand, the poor, sick and disabled have been victims of government means testing to the tune of millions. Only under a Conservative government could this happen!

Jeremy Corbyn said: ''Mrs May's policy to means test the winter fuel allowance would lead to more deaths...we already have hypothermia deaths in winter, we already have fuel poverty in this country, that will get worse."Mr Corbyn believes Theresa May is ''completely unrealistic'' and pragmatic as ever, added, ''nobody should ever take anybody's vote for granted, it's a democracy, people have to hear what's being offered by the different parties and make their own decision.''


How callous does a British government have to get before people realise how destructive that government are? It is time for change, and this time we need to get it right. We must vote on policies and not on personalities. We cannot afford to be victims any longer of a callous regime. We must vote Labour. If the electorate stays loyal to the Conservatives, we'll have nothing left to give when they come begging for what we own in order to reward their millionaire mates! 


Too many people today are living in deep poverty and sadly some will die of hypothermia. Not that the Tories care about that. The winter fuel payment is a lifeline. We simply must end this Tory madness and use our votes wisely. If everyone still feels like they need their mind scrubbing after reading the Tory manifesto, the antidote is to take a look at what McDonnell and Corbyn are offering in theirs. The Labour manifesto will put a smile on everyone's faces. Vote for Corbyn, not just for smiles, but because it's actually the right thing to do! We must all vote Labour on June the 8th.




Dave Beamish for Political Provocateur







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