Tahir Mirza - Supporting The Homeless

December 9, 2018

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We All Prosper Under A Government For The People.

June 4, 2017

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A Good Education Is A Right, Not A Commodity

June 1, 2017

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If The Young Vote For Corbyn, They'll See Real Change.

May 28, 2017



Labour in government will transform our crumbling education system at every level. From nursery, primary and secondary schools, to colleges and universities. They'll also fund employers to enhance the skills of their workers through life-long learning initiatives. Working families will benefit from investment in childcare and Labour will ensure class sizes of 30 and under for five, six and seven year old's so every child can receive the best possible start in life. They'll reverse the £3 billion Conservative school cuts which will see extremely large sums of funding removed from schools each year.


A Labour government will also provide financial support for 16 and 17 year old's and scrap University tuition fees immediately, to give students the best start, rather than mounting up huge debts.  Employers will also benefit as the free National Education Service will support businesses who want to train their workforce in the new skills necessary to keep Britain exporting into the future. A highly skilled workforce will lead to increased investment, bringing well paid jobs to every region. 


Back in 2010, David Cameron and Nick Clegg painted a rosy picture of how life would change under the new coalition government. Well, life changed alright. The rich got ridiculously richer whilst poverty increased substantially for far too many people. Reliance on food banks has exploded in Britain as workers pay has stagnated. Child poverty has increased and social care is in crisis letting people down. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems actually voted for an increase in V.A.T. to 20% and for the ''bedroom tax''. They also voted for student university fees to treble after pledging to abolish fee's altogether.  David Cameron and Nick Clegg have both since resigned, but before we all breathe a huge sigh of relief, we're still having to deal with the policies they created. Remember that the Lib Dem's supported cuts to local services as well privatised the Royal Mail.


In her first speech of the campaign, Theresa May for the Conservative party sought to portray the election as a choice between five years of stability and strong leadership under her party as opposed to a “coalition of chaos” involving Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP, yet the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron ruled out any form of coalition with the Tories or Labour after the general election.  Labour will not enter a coalition with any political party and has been the intention of Labour since Theresa May promised she wouldn't call an early election, then called an early election. Can we take seriously anything Theresa May say's or for that matter Tim Farron? Farron himself said in 2015 the Lib Dems would go back into a coalition government with the Tories 



The message to young people intending to vote in this coming election is to vote for a leader with a track record based on trust; Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour manifesto gives people hope and especially for the young. Corbyn will deliver on pledges and will not U-Turn as we've seen recently Theresa May shamelessly doing.

You really cannot trust a word the Conservative's say or do. Never before has a Prime Minister U-Turned on their manifesto, it's quite unique, but also quite scary too. 


Please remember on June the 8th to vote Labour and bring about the necessary changes for all in our society, some of whom are presently suffering the most hideous acts of victimisation by the D.W.P. Please remember the Bedroom Tax and the Housing Benefit Cap which limits young people to a decent start in life, but most of all remember both the Conservative and Liberal Democrats cannot be trusted. On June the 8th if you have mislaid your polling card, you do not need to produce it in order to vote in the election so long as you're on the electoral register it won't matter. Take I.D. with you to the polling station where you will be given a voting slip.  Polls are open from 7 am to 10 pm. If you have a postal vote, but haven't sent it back as yet, you can take it to any polling station before the 10 pm close. Make sure you remember to place your (X) against your Labour candidate.


Together we bring about change. We elect an honest Prime Minister and begin rebuilding Britain for the many, not the few! Vote Labour : Vote Jeremy Corbyn.



Morris Holmes for Political Provocateur 






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