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December 9, 2018

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We All Prosper Under A Government For The People.

June 4, 2017

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A Good Education Is A Right, Not A Commodity

June 1, 2017

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Not Exactly A Sing Song Moment On The Last Bus Home From Dundee

May 29, 2017


The Biased Broadcasting Corporation storm trooper Andrew Neil told Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP, her "obsession" with breaking up the UK could plunge Scotland into financial disaster. Perhaps it's on the brink now we might wonder? If you listen to the orange haired waffler and the many of his supportive cohorts for too long you're likely to have the suggested point rammed down your throat more than you'd care to hear. At least if you do, make sure you have some 'Irn Bru' at hand to wash it all down with. That way there's the possibility of a sense of patriotism that isn't false, and it could help a person from choking. 


The BBC man from Paisley said, "The Scottish economy is now growing at less than a quarter of the pace of the UK economy, it could be on the brink of recession.'' Very interesting of him to suggest it, but again, if people listen to the extended main stream media they'd be forgiven for thinking he said it as a point of fact cast in steel. I might suggest the Prime Minister 'could' be thieving millions from the state and stashing it all into offshore accounts but it wouldn't be fact, it would merely be a suggestion. If my suggestion was then supported by every right wing rag, newspaper and glossy from John O'Groats to Lizard Point, it becomes more realistic, almost fact.


The Scots political critic then said to the First Minister of Scotland, "Don't you think that you should end your obsession with independence and start generating some growth in Scotland?"  Sturgeon replied by blaming oil and gas revenues, which have plunged in recent months, and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Of course she is right to say that and cautious should all Scots be at that damning admission. If we're to see any real change in Britain it won't be for the lack of effort by first Ministers admitting truths live on television. Had Scotland voted for independence some might consider her knowledge on the situation quite an eye opener. Not exactly a sing song moment on the last bus home from Dundee, more the case for a Begbie style smash up in an Easterhouse bar.



There could well be good Scots folk all along the Great Western road over the next few day's unable to focus fully on their daily lives but for the idea which could be planted firmly in their heads after the prime time antics on TV. Not exactly a nightmare or a horror story but more a careful pause for thought, like a bad smell that lingers which is sometimes unavoidable. Sturgeon's admission made in her leaders interview with Mr Neil comes after warnings the nationalists would put Labour into Downing Street. Heaven forbid such an idea could be a cause for Scottish rebellion and woe betide any person confirmed as staunch Scots Conservative. 


Why would the Scots want to put Labour into Downing street? Surely all Scots believe New labour are lead by a centrist intent on leading them to war, crippling them with debt and moving them along into a world of complete privatisation whilst taking away there right's to free speech. Of course some might peddle that idea within the confines of the SNP 'happy club', but truth is often stranger than any fiction. The Labour party are lead by a left wing leader these days and is the reason why polls are now indicating there's a fashion for unity happening all across Britain. The New Labour tag is no more, and happy to report the party have moved on and thankful we should all be for it. Jeremy Corbyn has changed Labour from within and has turned the party around in the short time since his election as leader with hundreds of thousands of supporters behind him and backing him all the way. There are millions of people waiting to cast their Corbyn vote on June 8th. Great policies in the Labour manifesto allow people to have real hope for the first time in decades instead of the endless destruction handed out by Neo Liberal politics which has served to keep people down for too long a time.


So why would the Scots elect Labour into 10 Downing street? Could it be they understand the situation where the Labour party are no longer New Labour and no longer deal in a neolibiralist agenda? Would Scotland care for good times and decent well paid jobs earning a minimum of £10 an hour? Labour will create a million good quality jobs and guarantee a decent job for all. Would they enjoy the full employment on offer by a government who believes in the distribution of wealth, not the redistribution of it? Perhaps they'd like to be part of something special and savour in the delights of a guaranteed 1 million new homes to be built with 500,000 of those homes as low rentable accommodation and end insecurity for private renters by introducing rent controls, secure tenancies and a charter of private tenants rights, and increase access to affordable home ownership.


Labour will give people stronger employment rights from day one in a job, end exploitative zero hours contracts and create new sectoral collective bargaining rights. Strengthen working people’s representation at work and the ability of trade unions to organise so that working people have a real voice at work. And will put the defence of social and employment rights, as well as action against undercutting of pay and conditions through the exploitation of migrant labour at the centre of the Brexit negotiations agenda for a new relationship with Europe. Labour would build a new National Education Service open to all throughout their lives. They will ensure there is universal childcare to give all children a good start in life allowing greater sharing of caring responsibilities and removing barriers to women participating in the labour market. Labour will bring about the progressive restoration of free education for all; and guarantee quality apprenticeships and adult skills training.


Labour will act to protect the future of our planet with social justice at the heart of our environmental policies and take action to fulfil the Paris climate agreement. They will ensure a fair transition to a low-carbon economy and drive the expansion of green industries and jobs of the future using a National Investment Bank to invest in public and community owned renewable energy. They will deliver clean energy and curb energy bill rises for households – energy for the 60 million, not the 'Big Six' energy companies and defend and extend EU environmental protections. Labour will rebuild public services and expand democratic participation, put the public back into our economy and give people a real say in their local communities with increased local and regional democracy. The Labour party lead by Jeremy Corbyn will act to ‘insource’ our public and local council services, increase access to leisure, arts and sports across the country and expand our publicly controlled bus network. Labour will bring railways into public ownership and extend democratic social control over energy.


If people in Scotland want to enter into an era of real change and not one of failure, it would seem the ideal time to collectively work together in making changes necessary. A vote for Jeremy Corbyn is not a vote for New Labour. It's a vote for hope and pride against the back drop of endless austerity which has seen the most harmful of Tory policies aimed at keeping people down whilst enriching the 1%. New Labour are finished and have for some time. The Labour party of today are back to how they were, except now they have a very honest and capable caring leader with people's interests very much at heart. If you vote with your head you might vote SNP. If you vote with your heart you might side with another, but to do a little of both is to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and in doing so you bring about change and the advent of very special times ahead for us all. We must all work together and we must vote Corbyn : Vote Labour on June 8th.




Kenneth Walker for Political Provocateur








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