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December 9, 2018

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We All Prosper Under A Government For The People.

June 4, 2017

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A Good Education Is A Right, Not A Commodity

June 1, 2017

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The Conservative Manifesto Is like An Evening Shadow

May 30, 2017


The election after several painful weeks, is creeping towards like an evening shadow. And one thing we've learned is that when the election trail spotlight is turned on Theresa May she withers under its glare, and comes across as nothing more than weak, wobbly and over-promoted. She recites her Crosby creed and heads for the exits hoping she's done as little damage as possible. And over on the opposition side there's no evidence a different leader would be doing better at this stage - ousting Corbyn would likely have lost as many votes as it gained, and the fate of centre-left parties elsewhere in Europe shows that 'more of the same' is not a guarantee of success. Corbyn's 'crime' of daring to even suggest an alternative to the brutal policy of the rich and powerful has been met with a relentless assault by the MSM and their lackeys. Make no mistake these sustained attacks, smears and vilification will increase in the last weeks before the election. But this election has become very interesting in the last week. For all of May's talk of 'strong and stable' leadership, a sense of arrogance and entitlement is beginning to dog the Tory party.


Just compare the two manifestos. Labour has presented a manifesto and run a campaign that people can actually be enthusiastic about, and even critics of the Labour leader have had to stare open-mouthed at his endless energy and smooth media performances. Labour's manifesto offers hope for the future, a defence of the NHS, the welfare state and the most vulnerable. The Labour manifesto is entirely affordable and firmly in the interests of the majority. The Tory alternative offers a continuation of the last seven years of cuts and suffering - even worse in fact as they invent new ways to extract your money from you. Dementia Tax (proposed during Dementia Awareness Week), WFA gone, free school meals gone and much more. The NHS will be next if they get a chance.



Two million people have registered to vote since the GE was called: mostly young; mostly pro-Labour. Labour offers them a future, and hope. May has nothing to offer them at all, other than zero-hour jobs and lengthening dole queues. Even if Labour loses, the newly energised younger generation is not going to go away. They really could reinvigorate the party and help to ensure Labour remains somewhere to the left of the centre in the years to come. These people are our future.


The events in Manchester have been terrible but it would also be terrible for the country if (quite rightly given their issues with competency and the telling the truth) the downward trajectory of their vote share was to be given any boost from it. We now have troops on the streets to 'free up' the police forces, which misses one important point. May, as home secretary, reduced the UK police forces by 20,000 men and women. The woman who is currently prime minister, along with our security services (who revealed they had the bomber in their sights), bear heavy responsibility for what happened in Manchester, and they should hang their heads in shame.



When history of this election is eventually written, Corbyn’s legacy at the very least will be that of a principled man who refused to accept the status quo and actually advocated policies that would benefit all sections of society, and effectively challenge the grip that large corporations/the rich have had upon our government.

If you're happy with the direction that Theresa May has taken this country in, you know who to vote for; if however, you want a country that has a sense of shared purpose and where the public purse is used for the betterment of everybody, then Prime Minister Corbyn awaits in June 2017, and will Britain be glad to see him.


It was impossible to hold much optimism for Theresa May's premiership from the beginning, since in 6 years at the Home Office she never appeared as anything other than a lightweight. Add to that her obvious economic illiteracy; her shallow grasp of (or attachment to) the basic principles of international human rights law; the repeatedly demonstrated lack of political acumen; her self and party serving opportunism; and the total absence of any kind of public charisma; and disaster beckons. It's finally time to do the right thing for Britain as we simply cannot suffer another term in office of the Conservatives. We've nothing left to give them and nothing left to lose. 


Vote Corbyn: VOTE LABOUR June 8th.



John Sweeney for Political Provocateur 







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