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December 9, 2018

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We All Prosper Under A Government For The People.

June 4, 2017

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A Good Education Is A Right, Not A Commodity

June 1, 2017

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It Never Happened - No NHS Rally - Nothing

February 3, 2018


Saturday the 3rd of February went by fairly slowly with not a lot happening in the world of protests, rallies and marches.  People went shopping to the supermarket as usual, and some stayed at home to gaze upon their beautiful children in the comfort of their homes. Television magazines would have pages flicked furiously as families wondered curiously as to how they should spend a few idle hours.  Will it be light entertainment, or cinematic par excellence to ensure the best possible vision experience?


If like many other people you're not a great lover of the gogglebox, but occasionally dabble when you have some spare time, and not actually at work slaving away to earn the crusts that your kids take pleasure in consuming, you might be insterested in perhaps current affairs programmes. The news perhaps? That place we visit to keep abreast of the days essentials. It's where we go to find out what Lady Ga Ga is up to, and to keep informed of the weather in Nicaragua, or the report just in from Australia, of Mr Jones who witnessed an Ozzie bloke in a pub not actually drinking a beer. At least that seems to be what the BBC think we want to know about.



Appart from a few little skirmishes on facebook and a couple of headbangers enjoying a tet-a-tet on Twitter, the day went past with not so much as a yell from the neighbours living next door; which is unusual for them, as normally, and as i understand it, tickets are often sold for the privilege of listening in on their interesting communications. Indeed a quiet day it is. Strange also for this time of year, i could hear birdsong; the warbling of tits, and the squawking of crows. Perhaps the odd barking dog. The point is, it was quiet out in suburbia.


What would you do? Where would you go on a winters morning? I mean, you wouldn't go to Billy Butlins and shack up in caravan would you?; You would? What about the pub for the fellas? A game of darts and a bit chat about the Ford Escort Mexico? Or for the ladies, popping over to Marcia's house for a coffee and a natter about the earlier mornings guest on Jeremy Kyle? Wherever you live in the UK, i'm sure your day will have offered you something to keep you occupied. Did your friends get up to much? Yes? No? Okay, so you aren't sure really because you've been busy. But If anything happened in the big wide world how would you know?



I did hear that there was a rally going on in London on Saturday the 03-02-2018, and something to do with the NHS. '#FundTheNHS' or something.  Probably a few people getting together at a barbecue i shouldn't wonder and debating how bad things are for those working in our front line services. Good grief, how bad must they then be for those in need of hospital care? Crikey, if the NHS is in need of help, how would we be able to offer our help in return? I mean, does the NHS actually need my help? What if they did and we organised a rally or something...held a coffee morning; actually no, i think taking part in a rally would be better. Perhaps it was on the news? BBC is my channel, after all, i pay the damn license fee. Surely there must be something on there about this rally? Or maybe i merely dreamt about it.


How strange, there was nothing on the BBC at all about this rally. I must therefore believe nothing of the sort took place. Not in London or anywhere else. What on earth were people talking about on social media. Perhaps i was mistaken. Perhaps the chittering and chattering was to do with a repeated programme from the 1970's called Dr at large or Dr on the Go!  Might have been Carry on Dr for all i could remember, ''Ooooh how awful Matron!''



Well anyway, if the BBC aren't covering this supposed rally that might be happening this Saturday, it's likely because it never actually happened. I did however notice there was a sort of fracas between some 'Lefty McLefty' types, and that posh gentleman from the famous comic book. Jacob Creek-Bloggs or something like that. I couldn't help notice actually, as it was on almost every station and in every MSM rag this side of Nang Kong.  I must say those ruffians with masks did look as though they'd been to pull off a bank job, and perhaps managed to somehow wander into the wrong place by accident. An accidental gathering of sorts perhaps.


It's a shame the BBC didn't have anything of interest on their news bulletins today. I did try and search for this alleged rally, as i was quite interested. I actually do like to know what's going on with the NHS, for after all, i have paid into it for quite a long time, and suppose i do have a stake in it.  One day when we're old and fragile, we'll be in need of excellent care, and it would be in our own interests to ensure the NHS is there for us in our old age; and for generations to come. Therefore i certainly would have joined such a rally, if such a rally existed.



I checked again, and still nothing. I only really bother with the BBC, as again, i pay the license, why go anywhere else? I've never liked that character who looks like Mr Burns from the Simpsons. Rurprecht Murdo i think his name is. He owns a television station that sounds like 'high', or 'Bri' short for Brian probably; I have no idea, as i never watch, but maybe the NHS rally was on there? Who knows? Possibly on the independent network stations? Who cares anyway? It's wasn't on the BBC, therefore i can only conclude it never actually happened. Never took place, and nobody turned up at all. The NHS must obviously be in safe hands with the Tories.(chuckle).


Anyway, i wonder what's on tonight? More repeats? A 1960's film drama in b&w followed by a 1970's repeat about a school teacher and a class full of non British students? Not sure i could put myself through that again, it was the same as last week. Talk about repetitve programming. Instead i think i'll watch a few music video's, starting with the one directly below this article featuring the great Jeremy Corbyn. Now there's a politician with real gusto. An honest man and leader of the Labour party apparently. He'll be Prime Minister one day i'm sure. Now you wouldn't bet against it would you. I'll watch this video then maybe see if i can find out.


Oh hang on, i've just seen a ten second video on the BBC of the Rally today. So it did actually happen? All day they've peddled such dross about Creek-Bloggs and supposed thugs almost killing the man, yet they could easily have shown live coverage of the NHS rally that did actually take place and wasn't a figment of mine and other people's imaginations. Fancy that?


Theres an interesting thing that wont be talked about on Question time next Thursday night! The BBC need to be careful, otherwise people will stop trusting them altogether if this event that never happened but actually did is ever allowed to slip unnoticed again! 




Rachel Stirling for Political Provocateur


 Edited by Simon O'Donnell for Political Provocateur









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